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Are you an Everyday Astronomer?

Are you curious?

Everyday Astronomers look up when we are out at night. Images of the sky instantly grab our attention in our social feeds. However much we know, we seek to learn more about the stars, the planets, the universe. 

Do you want to know your sky?

Everyday Astronomers are on a life-long journey to the stars. Learning their names, learning the phases of the Moon, discovering the constellations and when they are visible. We seek out treasures that lie in the dark places between the stars. We want to learn how the sky moves, how the stars are made, what planets look like from close up. It doesn't matter how much you remember or how quickly you learn. You are on your own unique journey.

Are you excited to discover your universe?

The universe is complicated, the science is difficult, finding dim objects and buying the right equipment can be frustrating. Taking good photos is challenging. Weather and light pollution will bring disappointments. 

There is also joy in discovery, joy in the wonders of the universe, joy in the simplest of observations of the sky, and joy in sharing the experiences.

This is what Everyday Astronomers Community is all about. Being curious, knowing your sky and discovering your universe!

At the heart of Everyday Astronomers is our online community of Stargazers and Amateur Astronomers from all around the world. 

We share our observations, and our challenges. The journey to the stars is unique for each of us, but we share the road.  We learn something new about our sky every week.

You will improve your observing skills. You will learn your sky. You will become a better stargazer, a better observer,  a better amateur astronomer. 

With no advertisements, no distractions, your information is safe and you are among friends. It is a place we can call home. Our courses and content are self contained within the platform, it is a one-stop-shop for everything for Everyday Astronomers.

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Meet your host.

I'm Lisa Harvey and I am your host of Everyday Astronomers. I live in Sydney, Australia, under a light polluted sky. 

The night sky inspires each one of us in different ways. I've been inspired since I was a kid staying out late on the beach, looking up at the southern stars and the Aurora Australis.

I've spent a long career assisting membership organisations with technology and building online communities. Now I can combine this expertise with my passion for astronomy.

Here is a little video of me setting up my telescope in my backyard. 


What do you get with Everyday Astronomers?

The Network. This works as an app on your Smartphone or in a browser. The network has no advertising, no distractions from the community and no risk to your data. New features are incorporated all the time, and the interface is friendly and easy to navigate.

The Community. Community is about mastering something interesting together. Community is not the software, or the content. Community is people. It's you and I sharing our journey of astronomy together. Discovering the night sky, together. 

Our community spans the world. It's people just like you. It's not Facebook. It's just us. Share your observations, have a conversation, ask a question.

A focus on observing. People observe in different ways. Whether you have a telescope or not, whether you enjoy astronomy through others because of a physical or geographic limitation, we are here to make your observing better and make astronomy accessible. We celebrate your successes and help you through your challenges.

Gain knowledge. Indulge your curiosity and learn your sky. We have monthly themes, weekly tips and more to boost your astronomy knowledge, improve your observing skills and be challenged to observe more often.

Everyday Astronomers is the best online astronomy membership in the Universe!

Why Everyday Astronomers?

I wanted an online astronomy community. I know there are many people out there like you and I who want to do more with our astronomy, to learn more, to discover the wonders of the cosmos, to be encouraged to observe and celebrate our success. I searched and found only Facebook groups, internet forums and virtual clubs with limited features.

Here is what one member has said about our community:

"I strongly recommend membership to anyone it might interest. Lisa has many solid ideas to help people in their enjoyment of our hobby." Allen L.

I don't like internet forums. They are often not user-friendly. You take a risk when you join and share. Sometimes people don't think before they respond. The astronomy forums often feel cliquey, geeky, or too technical. 

Facebook groups are ok, but they are not built for a designed and focused community. Your data is not safe and there are a thousand distractions to take you away from your focus on astronomy.

I wanted the Everyday Astronomers community to exist, so I made it myself.

What our members think:

It's a warm sharing group – Allen

For me, the Everyday Astronomy community is a place that is full of such diverse interests and experience from people of ALL levels of astronomical knowledge, with the most amazing group leader who is very in tune with what people require from a group such as ours. – Chris

I love it. you're not judged by previous knowledge coming in. Learn at your own pace, and just enjoy the night sky – Rick

Encouragement and purpose. The challenges give me a reason to get out and look up. The lessons give a friendly insight into various aspects of the hobby, from an introductory level, to more advanced.. "Something for Everybody" – Jim

Online Community done right!

This is a designed community, made to make you feel at home, a place you can trust. You can contribute, meet people, and together we can master astronomy.

The platform is not the community. The members are the community. But the choice of platform matters. I wanted a platform where the financial contributions are transparent, that is no affilliate sales, and no advertising. Your data is your own and your privacy is critical.

Your experience is unlike Facebook and online forums and entirely focused on supporting a thriving community. There is a mobile app. The browser version works on your tablet and PC. The whole interface is designed for community and it shows. You feel welcome, and a part of something. You can focus on the subject, and you are not distracted by notifications or cute animal videos. 

It's not Facebook. There are no advertisements. It's not a geeky forum. 
Your data is not used by anyone else. And it's FREE.

Who are Everyday Astronomers?

There comes a time in your life when you have more resources for astronomy. You have more time, more space, and even more money to spend on yourself. 

People come and go with astronomy, spending less time when life gets busy, and more time when the circumstances allow. You never lose the passion for the night sky, but you may not pursue it for a while. Our community fits in your life. You control how you will participate.

Our community members are from around the world: Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand. We are working and retired; active in our local astronomy communities or doing it alone. We live in the city, the country. We travel far and wide, or stay at home.

Some Everyday Astronomers are naked eye observers, some have fancy telescopes. Some are beginners and some are very experienced. Some do radio astronomy, others like making photographs. Some share regularly, some enjoy the sharing of others. If you love the night sky, you'll find yourself at home with us.

Why are we Everyday Astronomers?

Everyday Astronomers find are ordinary, everyday, people, finding joy in astronomy every day.

Become an Everyday Astronomer today. It's free to join. Come along and say hello.. 

Join us for free as we discover astronomy together.

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